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They're here!  The official 2019 GS Giant sticker in Green! 

As we close this year out and begin 2019, I’m reminded of our present-member vote at the Mountain Mayhem rally. Those present voted to implement a new membership structure, whereby annual dues of $10 will be charged to be a voting member of the GS Giants. When you pay your annual dues, you will receive the current year GS Giants sticker as a member benefit! Therefore, there has really been no increase in cost, (stickers have always been $10). As you know, if you joined in 2010 by buying a sticker you’ve been kept on the books as a member. No one will be deleted from the website or denied access - but only members who have paid dues in the current year (and received their free sticker!) will have the right to vote going forward. There are several legal and administrative reasons for this change, and we appreciate your understanding!

So, with that said, the 2019 stickers are in and we will now begin collecting 2019 dues. Should you decide not to pay dues and receive your free sticker, you will remain a GS Giant but without voting rights. Your dues payment allows us to keep the costs down on shipping and other expenses. I hope you continue to support the GS Giants by renewing your membership with your $10 dues payment - and display those stickers proudly!!!

By the way, paying your dues fund the awesome events held around the country so please collect one each year and show your support!

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