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The GS Giants are a worldwide group of adventure riding friends.
Welcome to the GS Giants!

We're a group of friends who ride together just about anywhere in the world. From people to ride with to places you can explore, expert advice on all kinds of adventure subjects and some of the best events going, there are many great reasons for you to join and become a part of it all.

We have two options for joining:
  • Free
  • GO BIG and toss us 10 bucks a year to help out with expenses and you get a GO BIG sticker! (GS Giants club stickers can be purchased separately)
You must be a club member to buy a GS Giants club sticker or flag, but you are welcome to register for events without joining.

As you register, although it's not required, we would very much appreciate you providing your snail mail address and mobile phone number, along with your "In Case of Emergency" information. And if you have another few seconds, please tell us what bikes you ride, the clubs you belong to and your social info. These will help you hook up and hang with other Giants.

To begin your registration, click on the button below.
To begin your registration, click on the button below...