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The GS Giants are a worldwide group of adventure riding friends.

Welcome to the GS Giants!

We’re a group of friends who ride together just about anywhere in the world. From people to ride with to places you can explore, expert advice on all kinds of adventure subjects and some of the best events going, there are many great reasons for you to join and become a part of it all!


Click on the button below, and you will be added to the roster as a 2020 GS Giant. Annual dues are $10 per year, and when you join, you automatically receive a FREE club sticker.

Your membership dues not only entitle you to be added to our mailing list but also to have a voice in all current year club voting and be eligible to win great prizes, as part of contests that our sponsors conduct from time to time. If you wish to order additional stickers, please visit our store. The 2020 stickers are $10 each.

As an added member benefit, when you complete your membership details you’ll be added to our interactive map, which enables you to find other Giants near you or wherever your travels take you!  It’s a great community!  Please check out our forums for great discussion topics and don’t forget to show your support by visiting our store.  New items are added all the time!

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