GS Giants 2017: The Year of the Volunteer

Welcome to our new web site, now... we need your help. The GS Giants' success is due to enthusiastic volunteers, and there are opportunities available!

The GS Giants have accomplished a lot!

As you view all the photos in our new site (many more to come) and look through all the events planned for 2017, the power of volunteers becomes very evident. There is no way to put on such great events for such a low price than through the efforts of GS Giants volunteers.

However, there are a lot of things getting done that one doesn't always see, such as mailing stickers, flags and welcome letters, paying suppliers and balancing the checkbook, coordinating event schedules, writing newsletters, maintaining our web site , filling out insurance forms, selling and managing sponsorships and generally keeping peace among the tribe.

The GS Giants are at a crossroads
We spoke a bit about this at the Giant Stampede. The GS Giants are now five years old, we've grown quite a bit and we're wondering which way to go next. Take this new web site, for example. Our members expect that our info is organized, yet until now the info has been disconnected. Our new site ties everything together, but it does come with a cost to operate, not counting volunteer time and talent.

That's just one example, and your current leaders are asking ourselves whether we want to grow (which means more cost & complexity) or do we want to go some different way? We're not sure, so we want to hear from you. Please know that a huge number of you did click the "I want to volunteer" button as you joined the club on our old site, unfortunately the data was lost as we transitioned to our new site. Doh!

Here's how to volunteer
After you log-in to the site, click on the MEMBERSHIP button in the top menu and under the "My Membership Information" heading, choose "Change Contact/Profile Information. Scroll down the form and you will see a pull-down menu next to the words "I want to volunteer." Use the menu to choose between various options to volunteer. Then you'll work together with our Volunteer Coordinator (once we get someone to volunteer) to figure out the best way for you to be a part of the team.

What kind of help are we looking for?
Honestly, we don't see a huge bureaucracy, and we would like to have volunteers focus more on the fun stuff... but there are some mundane yet necessary things, too.
  • Executive leaders -  We should be discussing how we want to elect leaders going forward. Our new site has an election function, do we want one, or do we want to do this some other way?
  • Regional managers - help to plan activities, assist in handling club functions at a local level and identify opportunities for new events.
  • Country managers - several of our members around the world have indicated an interest in having chapters for their country. Our new web site supports this and we will be figuring this all out in the coming months.
  • Communications team - our new site has tools for creating and publishing news articles and e-newsletters, what we need are people to compile the information and photos.
  • Marketing & Sales team - our efforts in this area need a big upgrade in coordination, right now we have too many people calling on the same prospects.
  • Event Coordination team - Tracy Novacich is now leading this and she needs some assistance so that she doesn't get swamped.
  • Volunteer Coordination team - believe it or not, someone has to wrangle and herd all the volunteers!
  • Web development team - we need a number of different technical and content talents to be familiar with how our new site operates so that we can build it out more and maintain want we've built. We especially need some skills in integrating our social media and web presence.

How will this work?
Given that there are GS Giants all over the world, and that there are many moving parts to our group, an on-line management system is the only way to go. Our new web site has some capabilities in this respect and after we get all the basics working well, we will look into that.

We want to hear from you
See the information about about editing your profile in order to volunteer. If you have comments about the direction of the club, feel free to send our leadership an e-mail. Let's try to keep the discussion here on our site, in our forum, and not air our laundry on Facebook, ok?

Published: 01/09/16