Welcome to our new web site!

This has been a labor of love and still isn't much to look at until we get a volunteer artist... but hey, you can join the club, buy stickers and flags, register for events and hang out in our forum... all in one place! We hope that you share our site with friends and convince them to come ride with us.

Please be patient with us!
Our new web site is very powerful, but for now we have kept the functions to a minimum as we learn to use it. There are going to be some glitches and shortcomings.

Here's what you can do right now
  • Join the club
  • Upgrade your membership status (we now offer a "Go Big!" lmembership evel help the GS Giants with expenses)
  • Edit your profile (click on the Membership tab to update your information)
  • Register for Events
  • Socialize in our Forum
  • Find friends to ride with
  • Buy stickers, flags and other stuff
Please take a moment to login and update your profile... it's the best way to help us right now.

Here is what is coming soon
We honestly don't have a clue... we're still learning how to use this system. No, seriously, we want to build out the things that are important to you. What do you think about adding:
  • Newsletter
  • Classified ads
  • Photo albums
  • Surveys
  • Special deals from sponsors
  • Team coordination
Volunteers are needed
Do you have technical and/or content skills that you're just dying to donate? We need people to do the basics, such as create new articles, newsletters, event registrations, photo albums, etc. It's also pretty clear to see that the graphic design of this site isn't its strong suite, it could use a real going over, especially the .css. Also, there are ways to integrate this system into a Wordpress environment, which is more familiar to more people. Are you interested in helping out? Please let us know.


Published: 01/13/16